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Fan Profile – Richard Goodier
A View from The West Stand
C'mon Arsenal!

Book Review – Moving The Goalposts


First Chester match seen?
I think it was in 1973 versus Doncaster Rovers at home in the old 4th Division – City won 3-0.

Best five Chester matches, and why?
1. v Leeds Utd at home in the League Cup. 3-0 to City. A great night made better by the fact that I ended up on the touchline watching all the great footballers like Norman Hunter, Allan Clarke, the late Billy Bremner etc. literally feet away. I was being crushed against the wall at the front of the old Cowshed at Sealand Road. A Policeman saw what was happening and managed to get me over the
2. v Wolves at home in the old 3rd Division. 1-1. The once mighty Wolves had fallen on hard times when they visited Sealand Road. The much hyped strike partnership of Bull and Mutch were outplayed by Graham Abel who gave a faultless display of defensive authority. His own performance was capped by a thunderous strike which must rate as one of the best goals I have ever seen anywhere.
3. v Preston North End at home in the new Division 3. City won 3-2. This game was played in the way all football should be played. End to end attacking, nip and tuck for the duration. With so much at stake for both teams, it was a surprise that such an open encounter took place. Who will ever forget Graham Lancashire’s winner. The Preston supporters surging the gates to get in. They were not interested in trouble – they just wanted to see their team play. A great shame that those who designed the Deva didn’t have the foresight to make it bigger. Having said that, a full house made for a cracking atmosphere, one that all present will never forget.
4. v Stoke City at Stoke. City won 3-2, Phew. What a game this was. I don’t know about anybody else but I felt like Daniel in the lions den – like a lamb to the slaughter when I arrived at the old Victoria Ground. How wrong I was. Playing five at the back Harry McNally got his tactics spot on as we soaked up Stoke pressure and counter attacked with great style. 1-0 up at half time, no-one had any idea of what was to come. Within 10 minutes of the restart Eddy Bishop had scored twice. 3-0 up and we were coasting. Then City contrived to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. The home side struck back with 2 quick goals and the way they played in the last quarter, should have beaten us. We held on and the final whistle was greeted with great relief. Stoke supporters held a demonstration against manager Alan Ball who was later sacked. Fortunately Staffordshire’s boys in blue thought it a good idea to keep the City contingent in at the end of the game for around 45 minutes. Nobody was complaining. Anyone who has been to Stoke will know what I mean!.
5. v that welsh team at the racecourse. 2-2 Memorable night for obvious reasons to all City fans. Andy Milner’s equaliser will go down in the annals of time as one of the great City goals. One G.Bennet received merciless stick from the Chester fans every time he touched the ball. Rather like he does nowadays!!. Great night – great result. The match that saw the birth of the terrace chant “9 men and you can’t beat us”.

Proudest moment following Chester?
It has to be beating Leeds 3-0 at Sealand Road and being the centre of media coverage around the country. For all those too young to remember, beating Leeds 3-0 in those days was the equivalent of beating Man Utd 3-0 today.

And the worst?
The last game ever at Sealand Road against Rotherham. We won 2-0. It was a day when sentiment meant much more than the result.

If you could go back in time which Chester match would you wish to revisit or see for the first time?
For me, the match to revisit would be the 3-0 defeat of Leeds United.

Describe your favourite ever Chester goal?
No problems with this. Andy Milner’s equaliser at the welsh team’s ground. All I remember is Andy getting the ball on the half-way line, going for goal leaving all and sundry in his wake, beating the keeper twice and scoring. At the time I thought “he’s done all the hard work – he’ll shoot and hit the floodlight!” but he didn’t. Not a great description I know, but anyone there from Chester will tell you that it was the result that mattered, and in the context of that game, the draw was as good as City winning the European Cup!

Which Chester game did you miss and then regret afterwards?
It was the League Cup Semi Final 2nd Leg at Villa Park. My Dad had to work late and couldn’t get back in time to get to Birmingham. All I remember him saying was “don’t worry, I’ll take you to Wembley”. Of course we lost 5-4 on aggregate. I was gutted.

Which away trip have you most enjoyed?
The game against Mansfield at Field Mill. We on 4-3. The last time we had played there we won 4-0, Paul Wheeler scoring a hat-trick. This time Stuart Rimmer did the damage. Again we nearly snatched defeat from the jaws of victory after the home side introduced a 6ft 5inch centre forward. The feeling of relief after the final whistle was indescribable.

If you could be Chester City chairman what changes would you make?
I would consult supporters more. Tell them what was going on and involve them in the day to day running of the club – something that has been lacking for years. I would plough more money into the youth set-up. The benefits of which have already been seen this season. I consider the youth to be the future of the club. Also, if I had the money (i.e. won the lottery etc.) I would employ a local business man with a proven business acumen to oversee day to day running of the club. We will never make a profit, but for as long as I can remember, the finances of City have been run worse than a school TUC shop!. I’m sure that with an astute personality at the helm, City would survive for a good while yet.

ISSUE 25 Editorial
Fan Profile – Richard Goodier
A View from The West Stand
C'mon Arsenal!

Book Review – Moving The Goalposts


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